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FoliNu Hair Growth Formula – 60 Caps × 2

Losing hair is never something anyone wants to deal with – and now you won’t have to. Using FoliNu, an all-natural hair growth formula, you can regrow your hair in a natural way.


  • Hair Growth
  • Fuller Hair
  • Stronger Hair

How it works is simple, the niacin promotes natural circulation, biotin will increase the strength of the follicle and will treat the dormant follicles.

Using Vitamin A, FoliNu can repair the damage to the follicles and encourages them to grow and Vitamin E will regulate the androgens, which are usually the cause of hair loss. Altogether, FoliNu reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth and protects the hair that grows.

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1 review for FoliNu Hair Growth Formula 2 Pack – Save 78%

  1. Watts webb

    Limited use to date, but seems to be working well

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